Friday, 5 August 2011

Kit Homes Sydney

Granny Flats Kit Homes- Shack in a Pack Kit Homes Sydney, architecturally designed to meet the NSW
Granny Flat Builders
government quick 10 day approval process plus with your budget and the environment in mind.Granny flat builders provide Sydney customers with well-designed Granny Flats, Modular Kit Homes (granny flats), extension, studios and home offices, at very affordable prices. We build outstanding quality homes using the best licensed tradesmen. This ensures we deliver your granny flat on time and on budget.

Kit Homes - Shack in a Pack

Kit Homes
Kit Homes Sydney
'Shack in a Pack' Homes ave been architecturally designed to meet the NSW government.THE NSW GOVERNMENT HAS NOW MADE IT EASIER FOR YOU TO BUILD A GRANNY FLAT AND EARN AN INCOME FROM YOUR PROPERTY! Review the NSW policy: Supporting Affordable Rental Housing-Granny Flats.

All our models below, all fit the government size regulations of a granny flat under a "Complying Development"



Kit Homes Sydney
Granny Flat Designs
1-Outback 2 Bedroom Granny Flat
2-Billy 2 Bedroom Granny Flat
3-Billabong 1 Bedroom Granny Flat
4-Jillaroo 1 Bedroom Granny Flat
5- The Joey Studio

Shack in a Pack gives You-

Granny Flat Builders
Granny Flats Property Developments
1- Affordable, quality housing
2- Year-round controlled environment
3-Hygiene and easy maintenance
4- Lightweight and simple installation
5- Choice of colours

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