Thursday, 5 January 2012

Saving Space with Granny Flats

A compactly built Granny Flat makes very good use of your property and is also known for saving space. Granny Flats not only come with many features but also offer a lot of comfort as well. These flats have to comply with state as well as national guidelines and are ideally suited for those residing in Sydney, NSW, Victoria and Queensland.
The living room of a granny flat is designed to provide sufficient amount of space so that cleaning and maintenance does not become a problem. The bedrooms are equipped with the latest in features and the best part is you can customize them according to your specific requirements.  
With regards to the construction of Granny flats, the entire home can be shipped directly to the site without any hassles. Most builders have a team of skilled workers who have the necessary exposure to making granny flats. This ensures that there is no compromise on the overall quality of the home, thereby resulting in a comfortable and luxurious living space.
Granny Flats are ideally suited for those who need a little additional space to live and operate. These homes allow for maintaining a good standard of living without the need for a large space. These homes are ideally suited for those who have a little area and are looking to earn from building a granny flat. This is something similar to any other rental property which means there is a return on your investment. Granny flats are a perfect solution for those preferring to live nearby to the city’s main centers. No wonder it makes a perfect investment option for investors as well.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Building Kit Homes Sydney the Way you want it

Kit HomesThere are many who dream of buying a home but fail to do so due to lack of resources. Building a traditional home can be quite expensive since the cost of property and construction can be huge. Realizing this many people belonging to the lower income groups are looking at other options.  Kit Homes are a very good opportunity to consider since they allow you to maintain a good lifestyle without having to spend too much on construction and building costs.

Why Buy Kit Homes?

Well, Kit Homes are inexpensive and very convenient too. They are very easy to build and install. Another reason why you should consider investing in Kit Homes is that they are quite inexpensive and yet offers you a lot of comfort without compromising on quality. These homes are very flexible which means you can build a kit home to add more space to your existing home. At the same time you can construct a kit home as a separate structure as a secondary property and let it out for rent. In fact today you have many people investing in Kit Homes Sydney as it provides them with a permanent income generating option. Further, it also helps the home owner to reduce his home loan repayment quickly.  A very important reason as to why people buy kit homes is that it is an inexpensive way of ensuring higher returns on your investment.

Building Kit Homes

Building Kit Homes Sydney is not difficult at all since the entire home can be crated and shipped directly to your property. In fact, you can assemble the different components of the kit home right on your site since it does not take much time to assemble the basic structure of the kit home. When building kit homes Sydney, you can design it the way you want to as these homes can be customized according to your requirements. If you want to, you can add a single bedroom or a multi bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms along with the living area.

Finally, kit homes are ideal for those who have elderly and disabled people at home as it would serve as a separate living space for them where they can spend their time peacefully and in comfort. These homes are available in different sizes and shapes meaning you can choose them according to your needs.

Granny Flat Builders provide Sydney customers with well-designed Granny Flats

GrannyFlat Builders provide Sydney customers with well-designed Granny Flats, Modular Kit Homes (granny flats), extension, studios and home offices, at very affordable prices. We build outstanding quality homes using the best-licensed tradesmen. This ensures we deliver your granny flat on time and on budget.

We provide 2 options for our clients -
1.  Our amazing and very affordable Kit homes which allow us to spend little time on site with little mess
2.  We also custom design and construct granny flats the traditional way on your site.
Granny Flat Builders have shown many clients how they can achieve a high rental return, which is greater than the cost of their property mortgage.

Contact us and we can help you by:
•              Building a Granny Flat or modular kit homes on your existing property, or
•              Locate and offer you a suitable investment property for you to purchase and building a Granny Flat on

Granny Flat Builders in conjunction with Pace Equity & Property Investments source residential investment properties for clients and build granny flats on them to achieve positively geared returns. We also construct on your existing property and manage the whole process for you.
Book a meeting with us at our office in Enfield or join us at our next FREE information evening.


No need to worry or wonder where to start as we have done all the hard work for you.
             First we find you the right investment property that we can place a Granny Flat on it to achieve high yield returns or
we review your existing property and advice you where you can place a granny flat on your property.
•              We manage the fast approval within 10 Days from submitting of drawings (NSW Comply and development policy)
•              We provide all the services you need from design and architectural at affordable price
•              We managing council or private certifier approvals
•              Manage your construction program
•              We can also assist you with finance for the property purchase and/or Granny Flat construction
•              We also provide property management service and can find a tenant to rent your granny flat if its an investment property.

Book a time to visit us at our New Granny Flat show home in Colyton or view our Designs floor plans online and select from our diverse range of architectural design granny flats, kit homes, studios & multi-purpose rooms.

All our Granny flats have been designed to fit most properties in Sydney to ensure fast approval. Our Architect can also design a unique granny flat to fit your property and taste.

Be sure to ask us about our amazing modular kit homes for super fast installation and very affordable pricing.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Finding the Right Kit Home Builders

There are many people who look to add some additional space to live and operate from. For
such people Granny Flats Kit Homes are a very good option as they allow you to maintain a
good standard of living without the need for a larger space. There are a few buyers who have
some space and look to earn good returns by constructing a kit home with its own entry and
living area. This is a very good rental option and it ensures that you earn a good return on your

Granny flats kit homes have been there for a long time now. It is only a while back that a few
kit home builders started offering customers a dedicated service to build these homes. Kit home
builders design and construct these homes according to individual buyer specifications. These
homes can be used as an additional space for the family or as a guest accommodation. It also
provides you with permanent rental income which can help you in bringing down your loan
repayment, if any.
There are many builders who offer to build Kit homes. However, the right kit home builders can
be determined after evaluating their work. You should look for a few things when looking for the
right Kit home builders. They include:

•License to operate and carry construction activity

•Experience and skill at building Kit Homes

•Knowledge of local council, state and national building laws

•Adequate Insurance and Warranty

Finally, look for kit home builders who can provide you with a price that is neither too expensive nor very cheap.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Know about Granny Flat Designs Options

Granny Flat Builders
Granny Flats are prefabricated homes that offers added living space for your family. These homes have been there for a very long time though it is only during the past few years their popularity has started growing. This is because a few builders started offering these modular kit homes as a low cost solution to homeowners.
Benefits of a Kit Home
These homes can be built as an addition to your main building so that it can be used as an accommodation for guests. You can even rent these homes and earn regular income out of it. Many homeowners invest in kit homes in order to rent it and reduce their home loan repayment burden. 
Design Options
There are different Granny Flats Design options that you can choose from. In fact the design options include not just one and two bedroom units but also multiple bedroom units that have their own bathrooms and kitchens. Normally, Granny Flat designs depend upon the space available and also on the homeowner’s needs. If, for instance, the home is being built for older people, then the home owner may want to include hoist facilities, wheel chair access and flat ramps into the design.  
As a homeowner, there are different Granny Flat Designs options that you may consider when building a kit home on your property. They include:
·         Creation of additional space for living, as a part of your existing property
·         Constructing a stand alone living space
·         Improving upon the existing living spaces
·         Opting for a pre engineered modular kit home
Regulations & Restrictions
Granny Flat Designs have some inherent restrictions that have to be incorporated into the Kit Home Plans. There are regulations which may vary based on where you reside. However, the regulations are:
·         Size limit in terms of the floor space area
·         The property should not be divided on account of granny flat construction
·         The restriction is only one granny flat allowed for every block
·         Construction of granny flats restricted on strata block or dual occupancy
It is important that the Granny Flat designs incorporate these restrictions. Further, the construction of these homes should meet all the local council regulations and also the Building Code of Australia guidelines.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

How to Purchase Granny Flats?

GrannyFlats are popular with the masses for a variety of reasons. These flats are very convenient and provide the elderly with safe living options. In fact granny flats are an ideal choice for those who are looking at very affordable homes. These homes have lower maintenance and construction costs when compared to other traditional homes. This makes it very attractive for those who live on pensions and those who earn low wages. If you are planning for a Granny Flat, then you should consult different builders who specialize in such construction.

Benefits of Buying a Granny Flat

A granny flat offers a host of benefits. These include construction of additional space for living. For instance if you have any elderly or disabled people at home, you may wish to provide them with a separate space. In such instances a granny flat is an ideal option since it can be built as an addition to your existing main structure. If you have frequent guests at home, maybe you can think of an extension to your main home so that guests can be accommodated comfortably.

Sound Investment

For many, buying a Granny Flat is a sound investment because it provides you with a permanent income generating stream that can help reduce your home loan repayments. This can be achieved by renting your kit home which is nothing but a less expensive way of enhancing your returns.

Local Council Guidelines  

Most Granny Flats have certain restrictions to them. Every home owner is expected to follow the local council guidelines. In fact, recent legislation has made it quite easy for home owners to construct granny flats on their existing property which is classified as a secondary dwelling. However, there are some restrictions like:

·         Only one granny flat can be constructed per block
·         These homes should not be built on strata block or dual occupancy
·         You cannot sub divide the property by constructing a granny flat
·         Size limit with regards to the floor space area

Make sure that you consider these points before buying a granny flat. Also ensure that the construction meets the Building Code of Australia conditions. 

Friday, 5 August 2011

Kit Homes Sydney

Granny Flats Kit Homes- Shack in a Pack Kit Homes Sydney, architecturally designed to meet the NSW
Granny Flat Builders
government quick 10 day approval process plus with your budget and the environment in mind.Granny flat builders provide Sydney customers with well-designed Granny Flats, Modular Kit Homes (granny flats), extension, studios and home offices, at very affordable prices. We build outstanding quality homes using the best licensed tradesmen. This ensures we deliver your granny flat on time and on budget.

Kit Homes - Shack in a Pack

Kit Homes
Kit Homes Sydney
'Shack in a Pack' Homes ave been architecturally designed to meet the NSW government.THE NSW GOVERNMENT HAS NOW MADE IT EASIER FOR YOU TO BUILD A GRANNY FLAT AND EARN AN INCOME FROM YOUR PROPERTY! Review the NSW policy: Supporting Affordable Rental Housing-Granny Flats.

All our models below, all fit the government size regulations of a granny flat under a "Complying Development"



Kit Homes Sydney
Granny Flat Designs
1-Outback 2 Bedroom Granny Flat
2-Billy 2 Bedroom Granny Flat
3-Billabong 1 Bedroom Granny Flat
4-Jillaroo 1 Bedroom Granny Flat
5- The Joey Studio

Shack in a Pack gives You-

Granny Flat Builders
Granny Flats Property Developments
1- Affordable, quality housing
2- Year-round controlled environment
3-Hygiene and easy maintenance
4- Lightweight and simple installation
5- Choice of colours

Please contact for more details regarding the Kit Homes -